How to Select a Font Scheme for Web Design

How to Select a Font Scheme for Web Design?

Selecting a font scheme or the right typography for your web design is not as easy as it seems. When it comes to designing a new website, there is a lot to think out of the box in order to end up with the needed and prime results. From selecting the right color scheme to choosing the text design, there is a lot in between that needs to be considered in the right way.

Other than all those factors, web fonts play a huge role in making the design powerful and successful. It also leaves an impeccable impression on visitors so try to make it extraordinary. In this guide, we will discuss how to select a font scheme for web design to gain maximum attention. Let’s get started.

Importance of Choosing the Right Font

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are creating a website; the right font selection is vital because it merely depends on the site’s success and failure. If the font you have chosen doesn’t go well with the site’s structure or if it fails to display the right emotion, it will be a big failure. Moreover, if the font size is not accurate or acknowledged, the reader won’t stay long there.

Once you are able to build a powerful impression on the reader, they will be curious to know more about the site. There is a wide list of fonts that have made the selection easy and straightforward for you. All you need to do is understand the right method to choose these fonts. Let’s have a look at a few essential points needed for this purpose.

1- Learn the Basics

learn the basics of choosing a font for web design

It is important to brace yourself with basic learning before starting anything new. Choosing the font is not a matter of a few minutes as you have to look for different things that revolved around the right selection of typography. There are eight typographical universal elements that you have to keep in mind while selecting any particular option including Typeface that whether it should be serif or sans-serif, and contrast which is used to make a few essential parts stand out in the design.

Other elements include alignment that indicates how you can place the text in the design to make it readable which better place it on the left side. You need to keep special consideration towards these elements so that your website is up to the mark.

2- Stick to Standard Fonts

Stick to Standard Fonts

If you want to give a professional and fresh look to your website, using standard fonts would be a great idea. They also make the content understandable and let people enjoy what you are trying to convey. Various standard fonts are accessible from which you can make a selection including Gotham fonts, Arial fonts, Helvetica fonts, etc.

If you are creating a website for branding purposes, using standard fonts is an absolute option. It also provides users with a good experience so why not go for it?

3- Choose Versatile Font Family

Always consider using versatile font families so that you have numerous options to make from the list, one of the best choices in the versatile font is the univers font family which can be a great choice. Other options include San-serif fonts that can be used in web design. They are versatile and give you full freedom to pick out as many options as you can.

How to Choose Versatile Font Family

When you have numerous possibilities, you select the right one for your website. Hence never go for the family that is limited to a few fonts. As a designer, you are surely familiar with other versatile font families.

4- Use Font that fits Multiple Sizes

Do you know that your website appears differently on different devices? You might have selected the right font size for your website but what if it appears unreadable on a few devices or mobile screens? The best solution to this issue is to choose the font that fits perfectly on every device. For this purpose, you can experience your site on different devices.

Use Font that fits Multiple Sizes

It is not necessary that the content that is looking readable on laptop screens will also be acknowledged on mobile screens. Hence, after applying the font do not forget to test it.

5- Do not use Identical Fonts

Do not use Identical Fonts

Using similar fonts throughout the content is not substantial so a better pair of fonts to make the content stand out is vital. The question here is can we use two fonts in similar content that depicts different moods or emotions? The answer is yes. Focusing on the aesthetics is important but using a similar font style in the entire website would be the biggest turn off so never do it.

In order to find the best pairing of fonts, it is better to understand what each font style depicts after which you can easily straightforwardly it to your website.

6- Apply Maximum Color Contrast

Apply Maximum Color Contrast

To make your website look beautiful and eye-catchy, use maximum color contrast for your text and background. If your site is related to arts, it becomes more essential. However, keep in mind the ratio of contrast that should be 4.5:1 and 3:1. Ensure the ratio of contrast is accurate otherwise, it will give a poor experience to the reader.

If you mistakenly keep the text color contrast higher than the background color, your text will no longer be readable for them so choose wisely.


So, these were some important points that depict how you can Select a Font Scheme for Web Design. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are designing a website it is important to keep these points in mind for better results. While designing, your main purpose should be to give users a great experience and it can only be possible if you emphasize these elements.

It is how you can also design a professional website that will be up to the mark and your Readers won’t have to switch to another site in order to get a better experience.