Quick Tip in Adobe Illustrator: Edit Custom Stroke Profiles

Editing the stroke profiles in adobe illustrator is important and help designers create nature arts or fonts, etc… today we will talk about the stroke profiles which released in adobe illustrator CS5 and we will mention how to change the thickness of the points in the stroke.

let get started and learn how to use the stroke profiles. First select pin tool from the main menu or hit Ctrl+P then open the stroke panel by hit Ctrl+F10 and specify the weight of the stroke 10pt and start draw a shape as the following image:


After drawing the shape look at the bottom of the stroke panel you will see the profile menu and the default selection is Uniform try to select another option from the menu and note the changes on the shape.


Now the important step. how to add new profile to the profiles menu, select the width tool from the main menu or hit shift + W then hover the cursor over any point on the the stroke or click out of this points and create new one then keep holding and drag to the direction that change the thickness of the stroke.


After updating the stroke and make it suitable for now you can added to the profile menu by keep selecting the stroke and open the profile menu you will see icon look like a save with label Add to Profiles click on it and new profile will be added to the menu.


In this way you can use this profile in next time.

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